shrink wrapping services 
in new york and new jersey

Shrink it Up is a shrink-wrapping service located in Staten Island servicing the boroughs of New York City and New Jersey. We wrap patio furniture for the winter, cars, equipment, commercial tech, and many other items. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate on wrapping for and any all of your wrappable items.
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benefits of shrink wrapping

The benefits of shrink wrapping your important furniture equipment speaks for itself once you see the quality of the wrapping. Items are protected from rain and inclement weather, helping them last or years longer than they would have otherwise.

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For services of this quality, our rates are as competitive as it gets. Call us today for a free estimate on shrink wrapping services near you.
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What can be shrink wrapped?

Shrink wrapping is a great way to save the quality and improve the life-span of equipment, decorations, electronics, patio furniture, and more.

patio furniture

NYC shrink wrapping services wrap patio furniture throughout the five boroughs and many areas of new jersey. Contact us today for a free quote.
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outdoor kitchen and appliances

Wrapping your outdoor kitchen area for the winter will eliminate the need for brining it inside and keep it lasting longer than it ever could before. The money you save in the long run by having your items last 5-10 times longer is a no brainer!
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outdoor gazebo and hot tub wrapping

We offer full-service shrink-wrapping for plumbing fixtures like outdoor hot tubs and oddly-shaped items like gazebos and screen-rooms.
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